Drop down "filter" box shows garbled results
Connect update failed to update
Update 1.2.83-0 was published




[connect-3877] Connect 3877 general improvements (#626)

[connect-3761] added timeouts to several jobs (#628)

[connect-3717] move firebase data from gateway to route (firebase.json is not only r… (#629)

[connect-3877] removed timeout minutes (#636)

[connect-3877] removed minutes (#641)

[connect-3877] removed format attribute (#650)

Desktop Launcher and Service

[connect-3764] fix(Service): set initial window size to 1170x700px (100% scaling) (#600)

[connect-3731] refactor(Service): move product activation to the collection and renamed it to redeem code (#601)

[connect-3802] refactor(service): move notifications to the bottom right. (#602)

[connect-3736] fix(Service): rework of deeplink handling (#604)

[connect-3835] fix(Service): performance (#605)

[connect-3835] fix(Service): performance (#606)

[connect-3821] refactor(Service): check for updates after successful user login (#607)

[connect-3777] fix(Service): proper deep link support (#608)

[connect-3808] feat(Service): while staring item, check for updates. (#609)

[connect-3845] feat(Service): first steps for a notification system (#610)

[connect-3848] fix(Service): don't show duplicate notifications. (#612)

[connect-3850] fix(Service): remove update notifications (#613)

[connect-3852] refactor(Service): cleanup (#614)

[connect-3854] design(Service): move notification button to the appbar. (#615)

[connect-3814] fix(Service): don't crash while clearing the global search. (#616)

[connect-3852] fix(Service): navigate to product page while starting not installed product. (#617)

[connect-3736] fix(Service): navigate to product page if products is not installed or has an update. (#619)

[connect-3280] fix(Service): show upgrade button on product page. (#620)

[connect-3862] fix(Service): close notification drawer with another click on notification button. (#622)

[connect-3863] fix(Service): navigate to product page, even if the product is installed and has no updates. (#623)

[connect-3867] refactor(Gateway): performance improvements (#624)

[connect-3875] fix(Service): localize update messages. (#625)

[connect-3761] added timeouts to several jobs (#628)

[connect-3870] refactor: split Ashampoo.Platform and Ashampoo.Platform.Windows (#630)

[connect-3889] fix: schema update (#634)

cannot get my free offers of today
Kan Snap free niet downloaden.
Update 1.2.18-0 was published



[connect-3728] fix(Service): load collection items after a newly logged in user.

[connect-3699] fix(Service): proper support for 'BLACK & WHITE projects 6 professional

[connect-3666] design(Service): show snackbar bottom center.

[connect-3703] fix(Service): use Shared.Enums.DiscountType from Ashampoo.Connect.

[connect-3706] fix(Service): all non public pages need a valid login

[connect-3708] fix(Service/Gateway): secure product connect

[connect-3712] (minor) set retention days for artifact upload to 1

[connect-3707] fix: connect update at login must be possible

[connect-3684] fix(Service): text shouldn't be selectable.

[connect-3627] design(Serivce): fixed layout problems on small sizes in login.

[connect-3719] revision ui shopping cart and account menu

[connect-3687] fix(Service): improved support for office

[connect-3723] fix(Service): show fallback poster if poster is missing

Software Download Stops
"Launch" doesn't work
On iPad Pro it’s in Portarait Mode.
Update 1.1.108-0 was published



[connect-3585] chore: updated dependencies

[connect-3600] Connect 3600 scrollbar bug

[connect-3511] fix(Service): removed product from list of installed products, if we can't execute the product (File not found).

[connect-3631] fix(service): hide terminal under Windows

[connect-3566] fix(Launcher): only allow one instance

[connect-3636] fix(Service): invalid token prevented re-login

[connect-3587] shop: order by release date descending is now default

[connect-3606] Connect 3606 light theme

[connect-3633] feat(Service): service can handle url passed as commands.

[connect-3674] fix(Launcher): show name Ashampoo Connect in the Taskbar.

[connect-3630] fix(Service): show free products as free.

Stuck at Initializing
Update 1.1.20 was published


What's Changed

⚙️ Utility

[connect-3068] added title to jira create action (#290)

[connect-3278] Connect 3278 service adjustments (#291)

[connect-3314] add cron job for github cleanup (#300)

[connect-3314] changes to clean up job (#301)

removed devtool label and related steps (#311)

[connect-3132] add new launcher to main (#332)

[connect-3349] major labeler adjustments (#333)

[connect-3349] remove old workflows (#334)

[connect-3349] test (#335)

release (#386)

🖥️ Launcher

refactor: new client (#327)

[connect-3132] add new launcher to main (#332)

[connect-3349] remove old workflows (#334)

[connect-3349] test (#335)

[connect-3424] fix(Launcher): try to start the service (#351)

[connect-3461] changes to minicart events to correct open/close behaviour (#355)

[connect-3463] Layout changes and price fix for shopping cart (#357)

[connect-3460] fix(Launcher): set min. size of window. (#358)

[connect-3460] fix(Launcher): set min. size of window. (#359)

[connect-3404] chore: don't commit dist_electron (#368)

release (#386)

🚪 Gateway

[connect-3263] poc: cCMS (#212)

[connect-3376] Connect 3376 (#213)

[connect-3375] Connect 3375 (#214)

[connect-3405] test some logging (#216)

[connect-3405] test logging (#217)

[connect-3405] test logging (#218)

[connect-3405] test logging (#219)

[connect-3405] propper logging (#220)

[connect-3405] propper logging. (#221)

[connect-3405] log transforming RestResponseRexception. (#222)

[connect-3405] Updated dependencies (#223)

[connect-3386] fix: License Key must return an Id so StrawBerryShake won't optimize them (#224)

[connect-3468] fix: show error if a license key is already taken. (#226)

release new gateway (#227)


[connect-3263] poc: cCMS (#212)

[connect-3376] Connect 3376 (#213)

release new gateway (#227)

🖥️ Service

feat(Service): Service has a pipe server running. (#286)

spike(Service): tests support for windows service. (#287)

feat(SDK): POC of SDK to connect with service and make use of protobuf. (#288)

feat(SDK): POC client sdk connect with service (#289)

[connect-3278] Connect 3278 service adjustments (#291)

[connect-3176] poc for Connect SDK (#292)

initial create of account, login and recovery (view+logic) (#298)

feat(Service): initial information about a product. (#299)

feat(service): Basic information about a product can be displayed via Blazor. (#302)

chore(Service): updated service for later changes on the GatewayClient (#303)

Init shop view (#306)

feat(Service): show license keys of an owned product. (#307)

feat(Service): support for users collection (#308)

feat(Service): store authentication persistent (#309)

Connect 3304 improvement login (#310)

Connect 3312 shop improvement (#312)

changes to collection (#313)

feat(Service): install from product page (#314)

Connect 3331 global progress (#315)

feat(Service): buy product (#316)

feat(Service): user logout (#317)

feat(Service): filter collection (#318)

feat: add free product (#320)

feat: reload collection (#321)

Connect 3235 global search (#322)

feat: usercentrics (#323)

feat: update product. (#324)

feat: connect update (#325)

feat: redirect to login page (#326)

refactor: new client (#327)

fix: make Mini Shopping Cart clickable again. (#329)

fix: use string instead of URIs. (#330)

fix: write ashinet license key to the registry. (#331)

[connect-3132] add new launcher to main (#332)

[connect-3408] fix: persistent login (#336)

[connect-3408] fix: secure loading and reading SecureStorage with try/catch (#337)

[connect-3426] fix: show license keys only if the user owns a product. (#338)

[connect-3412] fix: navigate to product page after it was added. (#339)

[connect-3431] design: layout drawer menu (#340)

[connect-3382] fix(UserCentrics): store settings across service sessions. (#341)

[connect-3386] fix(AshInet): write license key after installation (#342)

[connect-3375] fix: Try to get the correct error message for the user to show. (#343)

[connect-3436] design: show skeleton loader while opening the add free products dialog (#344)

[connect-3409] fix(Preorder): basic functionality is working again. (#345)

[connect-3411] added language selection for login, password recovery and create account (#346)

[connect-3434] added translations (#347)

[connect-3447] fix: crash while loading home screen (#348)

[connect-3388] added mediaslider for images and videos (#349)

[connect-3414] changed breakpoints for better grid behaviour (#350)

[connect-3407] changes to product card component, added prices to product page (#352)

[connect-3456] fix(Launcher): dont' show the navigation on the left side if no user is logged in. (#353)

[connect-3375] fix(Account): Show message if account already exists while creating a… (#356)

[connect-3464] added missing translations (#360)

[connect-3459] fix(Product): update product page after adding a free product (#361)

[connect-3468] fix: show error if a license key is already taken. (#362)

[connect-3410] fix create account (#365)

[connect-3404] design(downloads): new download manager (#366)

[connect-3404] fix(Downloads) update download manager after abort installation. (#369)

[connect-3486] fix(Settings): error while trying to list an optical drive. (#370)

[connect-3481] added translations for download manager (#371)

[connect-3404] feat(Downloads): show badge for active downloads (#372)

[connect-3404] fix(Downloads): missed a localization and we should not show all stat… (#373)

[connect-3490] changes to translation and small layout fix (#374)

[connect-3494] feat(Update): we can inject a version to tests Connect updates. (#376)

[connect-3496] refactor: changed project structure. (#377)

[connect-3508] fix: added missing project (#378)

[connect-3510] fix (#379)

[connect-3497] fix(Service): set render-mode to server to improve performance. (#380)

[connect-3497] feat(Service): show a message while loading. (#381)

[connect-3507] fix(Service): don't show badge in download manager while uninstalling… (#382)

[connect-3515] fix(Service): update localization in global search. (#383)

[connect-3517] fix(Connect/Update): pass arguments '/update /SILENT' (#384)

[connect-3491] Added skeletons for shop, collection, home and product page (#385)

release (#386)

🎛️ SDK

[connect-3263] cleanup(SDK): renamed header files (#282)

initial add (#284)

feat(SDK): POC of SDK to connect with service and make use of protobuf. (#288)

feat(SDK): POC client sdk connect with service (#289)

[connect-3176] poc for Connect SDK (#292)

[connect-3262] fix(AshInet): layout was broken (#294)

[connect-3262] fix(AshInet): async call wasn't called correctly and check writeable settings is not null. (#295)

[connect-3262] fix(AshInet): activation won't show error (#296)

[connect-2596] feat(AshInet): added localization (#297)

feat(Service): show license keys of an owned product. (#307)

[connect-3132] add new launcher to main (#332)

release (#386)

🗄️ Database

[connect-3263] poc: cCMS (#212)

[connect-3376] Connect 3376 (#213)

release new gateway (#227)

🔄 SyncService

[connect-3263] poc: cCMS (#212)

[connect-3376] Connect 3376 (#213)

[connect-3375] Connect 3375 (#214)

[connect-3405] test some logging (#216)

[connect-3405] test logging (#217)

[connect-3405] test logging (#218)

[connect-3405] test logging (#219)

[connect-3405] propper logging (#220)

[connect-3405] propper logging. (#221)

[connect-3405] Updated dependencies (#223)

[connect-3468] fix: show error if a license key is already taken. (#226)

release new gateway (#227)

Collection item with id '1957' not found
Your Collection error
My Library is not working
Update 0.58.121 was published


What's Changed

[connect-3137] fix for strike price: mini cart can now detect correctly
[connect-3213] Buy button is using the cart api

[connect-3215] chore: optimized and updated dependencies
[connect-3240] fix(Service): don't crash if the registry value isn't valid.
[connect-3246] cleanup: code style
[connect-3242] fix(Service): if loading a shellink is failing we try to log the exec
[connect-3249] feat(Service): log service version
[connect-0000] cleanup(Service): code style
cleanup(Service): code style

So far - you need a BASKET to add multiple purchase
My library - filters
Update 0.57.11 was published

The latest version was released


What's Changed

refactor: Collection Provider
feat: Provide update functions
New User Avatar
feat: added shopping cart
refactor: use ICollectionManager for updates.

feat: provide ICollectionItem.Hidden property
fix: downgrade typescript to 4.6.4
fix: Logout a user will dispose all of the data.
fix: proper way of comparing installed version with remote version for possible update.
fix(Service): reload Collection of AshInet after update.
fix(Service): create data directory for connect service if missing.
renaming url -> uri (url is deprecated)
fix: reload local information of product is install or update has finished
fix: Crash while loading the collection of the user.
fix: crash while trying to start product with elevation.
fix: shopping cart performance
reintroduce doNotShowMiniCartOnNextUpdate flag to hide the mini cart …
added scrollbar to the shoppoing cart (if a new product is added, the…
feat: DevTools
fix: update state after update
fix: crash while trying to update Connect itself.
fix: use a scoped CollectionManager for the update check
fix: Use factory pattern for all CollectionManager instances

Update 0.52.5 was published

The latest version was released



Dependency updates
Feat: Service has its own version
Design login
Feat: Sservice checks for update
Feat: Shopping cart
Design spacing
Spike/spike update notification and lib message
Design spacing
Update notification and lib message
feat: rework of shop filter
Update notification design
Design/is owned
ux/notification improvement
Design/card hover effect
price is not visible while browsing in store
Feat/GitHub action changes
New menu structure

Fix for a possible crash while changing the language.
fix for lib menu
fix(Launcher): typos in languages files.
Query the discount type of a product
Removed notification as start view
Don't support audio samples of MusicMaker
fix: use flex-start
Feat: Service has its own version
added different animations
fix: Installation path
Fix: Show downloads after restart of the desktop client
updated and fixed localizations
spacing fix
Design: filter components
fix: Service send "close" event to all clients if a update will be in…
fix: revert dependency update
Refactor: Service Project
fix: launcher settings
Bugfix/onboarding by
update locale files
empty preorder placeholder is not visible anymore
fix remove shopping cart from menu
fix for webhook
fix for action
removed notification on production for now
Fix/show price on card
added notification for production

A list of all currently available updates upgrades
Update 0.38.7 was published

The latest version was released


What's Changed
test documentation
adopted changes for gateway updates.

adding scripts for deployment and documentation
remove scripts
changes to scripts
Fixed welcome offer (exclusive deal for connect customers)
Updated project to .NET 6

Product is free when discountType eq WELCOMEOFFER
Update the user library after a product was added
CI/CD: Changed the sequence of commands (the commit ist now tagged before it…
Removed unused action steps
Don't show discount if product hasn't any.
Optimized Shop-View and show primarily the browse option instead of discovery.
Service should always connect to production gateway.
Added draggable=false to some components on the bar and the menu
Reestablish the selected filter after returning to the discover view
Cardmenu is now attached to root and therefore always in the foreground
Improved discount detection
Context menu is now translated
In development search for the service in .NET6.0 folder.
CI/CD: Change debug to release
Check environment variable CONNECT_GATEWAY_URL for alternative gateway url.
Log options if an error accours.
Changed default value for version and name so they cant be null
Fix for interface ILibraryItem
CICD: Refactor staging github workflow
CICD: npm ci to npm install
CICD: New build scripts
Fix script parameter
CICD: production build
CICD: tag fix
Fix/prerelease fix
Using tag iframe instead of id to pause/stop all videos
Only free products in the free section
Feat/text update
Show correct free products in discover view.

Problem loading product on laptop
Update 0.38.7 was published


  • feedback per product possible (product page)
  • available successor displayed on product page (product page)


  • updated languages
  • correct update of user library after adding a product
  • CI/CD: the order of commands was changed
  • unused action steps have been removed
  • Does not show discount if the product does not have one.
  • Store view has been optimized to primarily show the browse option instead of discovery.
  • The service should always connect to the production gateway.
  • Added draggable=false for some components in the bar and menu.
  • Started transition to new server / database structures.
Program does not start