Update 1.3.131 was published

https://www.ashampoo.com/ashampoo_connect_sm.exe Major fixes [connect-4021] fix: stay logged in is the new default. [connect-3960] feat: some downloader improvements [connect-4028] added tags to product detail [connect-4034] homequery init [connect-4068] project update [connect-4022] feat: added missing languages. [connect-4051] workflow revision (dotnet 7) [connect-4051] Connect 4051 workflow [connect-4054] viewmodel for productspage [connect-4022] feat: add translations for product installer [connect-4054] feat: add product and support product types [connect-4093] fix: always show the select language dialog. [connect-4084] fix: delay the job queue service so the cpu won't block. [connect-4057] refactor(Backend): use Visibility instead of View to prevent naming conflicts. [connect-4053] fix(Installer): look in both registry views (32 and 64) for uninstall information. [connect-4071] fix(Service): re-add some missing localizations. [connect-4069] recommendations are not bound to a specific visibility anymore [connect-4095] fix(Service): photos detection [connect-4071] fix(Service): localize missing text when adding free product. [connect-4103] added global resource shop localizer [connect-4119] save title and add it to the homeblocks view [connect-4118] fix(Service): to keep DeepLink working again, we remove the notification for starting a product.