Allow program installs sans launcher

I like connect even though I'm old school and see launchers as just a layer I don't need as I'm pretty organized. I see the benefits. This is my 2nd or 3rd time re-installing connect JUST (see, I'm old, and I think all caps is gonna get your attention) to install the handfull of programs out of many that require it. If there is a workaround I'd love to know. I haven't spent much time looking. I don't see the harm in it. Maybe just put it in our "licenses" list? Then you can keep the selling point aspect of having these apps associated with it alone on the site and only those of us who actively search for that will be able to download seperately. Connect is cool as launchers go but on my system it's resource hog, I'm going to try and fix that this time, we'll see, or it'll have to go again. Also as mentioned here. I just installed Zip 4 yesterday. First up after launching Connect it's telling me it's "recommending" Zip 4 at a great price, which I've already paid. It needs a scan for already installed products and/or a manual point to or ideally just have it parse your licenses list then I won't even the store page could show I already own (whatever) which would prevent me almost buying something I already own...a'hem. I plopped Connect in the same directory as all my other Ashampoo stuff, I don't use C drive for progams usually, though that structure is intact on C, I just duplicate it somewhere else; this is not the problem btw. That last thing alone negates Connects reason for being frankly. Great products and company though and I sing your praises whenever I can, even though I just recently became aware of this fact. I'm afraid to admit I thought the wrong way about it due to associating it with one of "those" compainies that sneak things into setup screens unless you uncheck and re-direct you all over and what not. I know the internet is a tough landscape and you are well known and that alone is an accomplishment that I'm not going to sit and second guess the mareketing techniques used to make happen. Thanks.