Seat Management

I can't see how to view the number of *seats* (as opposed to licenses) are available to install. For example one license of WinOptimizer19 provided 10 "seats" (or "installations") whereas one license of WinOptimizer25 provides 3 seats. Ideally a readily visible number (or pair of numbers eg "2/3") but able to bring up a secondary window which would show the name of each PC that has a seat of that product installed. In this second window I'd like to be able to deactivate any particular software package - so it is not uninstalled, but is no longer active. When Connect (or the deactivated) app is run on that machine it should offer to re-activate, purchase, or uninstall any deaqctivated products. It should be possible to give the PCs "friendly" names that are specific to the Connect program, and it should be possible to manage multiple boot drives (for example, if I have a PC called "Desktop" with a "Win10", "Win11", and "Win10 Games" boot drives I would not want to have to manage them as if they are 3 seperate "seats"). Getting this device management right would IMO take some effort.