Synchronous Replication feature

I have Ashampoo backup 17. While this is good. Would be a nice feature to have a way to synchronously copy files from one directory to another. In my case I have a home computer where I code in Python. I also have a laptop that is on the same wireless network. It would be great to be able to synchronously copy my files directly to my laptop for only the new PY files that are created as well as those that may have changed and ignore files that have not changed. I also have MP4's that exist on my home computer, but would love to synchronously copy new files to a microSD card when there are new/deleted files to this microSD card. I have an Audi S6 that can play videos from a microSD card. It would be great to take that microSD card and insert it into my SD slot on my home computer and Ashampoo begins a synchronous replication for new/deleted files it finds on my home computer. Today I one directory on my home computer that stores these MP4 files that I want replicated to the SD card. If Ashampoo could bring this to market, it will be a very cool and useful feature with many use cases. Thanks Dave