Connect Enhancements

Couple things, I like you "connect" but think it could be enhanced. When I'm in connect, and I install a software package, the software will ask for the activation key - connect already knows I purchased the product and I would think could automatically put in the key activation code in for us. Instead, I have to log in to your web page and copy the activation code (and it will only copy by using Crtl V, instead of cut and paste - how many people know that? Maybe you should explain?). Having to get out of connect and back into your web page, kind of defeats the utility of connect. Also, I just installed Cutout 9, from my connect, and it will not lauch it from connect - it also did not add an icon to my display. I'll go and see if this will launch from you web page. So connect is a great idea, but has a few bugs. Thanks, Mike UPDATE - Cutout 9 did install and run from your web page. The installation process downloaded the exectution file to my hard drive - something that did not happen when installed from connect. The installation process from your web page seems different than the installation process from connect - why is that? I have one other issue too .... I want to download your software to my D: drive (because my C: drive is dedicated to start up and has limited space), but it looks like your software is always loaded on my C: drive, even though I put the downloaded execute into my D: drive. Is there a way to force loading onto my d: drive automatically. I am already set up in my settings to download to D: automatically. Thanks again, Mike