Free upgrades to purchased products should not need to be reactivated

This is just a customer convenience suggestion that might not affect all of your customers, but certainly would affect "this" customer. :) If you have a purchased product and do the "free in-main version" upgrade, you should not need to reactivate the product. You already know the product was purchased and what its license key was, and should keep that info during the "uninstall / reinstall the updated version" process. This is especially important if you have multiple licenses and have not activated one or more of those licenses yet since reactivating using your Ashampoo account might use one of the "unactivated" licenses leaving the other license "looking" like it is still activated but on another device. Going to your account and copy/pasting the correct license is available, however, we (us customers) may not remember which license key was used for "that" particular device and would have to try and remember which one to use which is highly inconvenient. It should not be difficult for you (Ashampoo) to detect the license key of the product before performing the "uninstall" part of the "update" process and simply reapplying it when doing the "update" part of that process, negating the necessity of putting the burden on the customer to remember / figure out that part. I think this would be much more customer centric on your part. Not that you guys are doing a bad job, as I have been pretty pleased with your products thus far. Hopefully you can at least investigate this suggestion. Thanks!