Ashampoo Money Feedback/Suggestions

I have just purchased and installed Ashampoo Money...and whilst it cost just £15, and the product is just launched I have to remark that the fucntionality included at this time is RUDIMENTARY to say the least. So if there are plans to develop the product into a fully fledged homed accounting solution, to rival some of the apps already in this space tjhere are a few basic feature that I believe that need to be gotten into Ashampoo Money (AM) PRETTY QUICKLY. 1. Ability to transfer monies between accounts set up in AM For example, I have a Bank Account and I have several Saver Accounts. I should be able to record a debit on the bank account with another account in AM as the payee, and just entering the debit transaction in the bank account automatically creates a corresponding credit entry in the payee saver account. In this day and age this is a fundemental transaction. Another example of this is when I pay off a credit card account with an internat banking transaction on my bank account; in this case the payee is my credit card account with the debit entered manually in the bank account and the corresponding credit transaction being raised automatically in the appropriate credit account. 2. Use of split reason (account) Fundemental if one wishes to apply multiple categories/transaction reasons for one payment, i.e. I pay a credit card bill once a month, which comprises of several different categories of item purchased; groceries, petrol, household items, etc., and I wish to record them as such but NOT have to enter a separate transaction for each category. So one enters the transaction for the full amount against the credit card with the reason being the split account. One can then enter a transaction for each category debiting the split account for the relavant amount for the individual reason/category required. The key objective is that the split account ALWAYS has a balance of ZERO after the initial credit transaction & categorising debit transactions have been processed. 3. Template transactions AM already has a Recurring transaction feature but what would be a really useful addition is the ability to setup Template transactions. By this I mean transactions that reoccur but not necessarily regularly. The template would be set up with all of the details required in a normal transaction EXCEPT for the transaction date & value, but with the addition of a description of the transaction. To use this the user just has to select the relevant pre-created template transaction when required, fill in the date & value required and hit 'Enter'. That would make it quicker to enter ad hoc recirring transactions. I hope that the above are of use and that, if not currently on the functionality road map for AM, they will be considered as candidates for adoption as I believe that having these features in AM would be truly useful/improve the product. I have other suggestions to make but thought that I would test the water first with these three to see what the reaction is. Regards, Solly